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Gung Ho



In the episode "Tinseltown Gangsters Pt. I," aired on March 11, 2024, the host delves into the intriguing history of mob influence in Hollywood, featuring a detailed conversation with author and publicist Jeff Susman. This discussion reveals the complex intertwining of the mob with the film industry, showcasing notable figures and events that shaped Tinseltown's darker underbelly. Key Points: Joseph Kennedy's Entry: The narrative begins with Joseph Kennedy, portraying him as a pivotal figure who utilized mob connections to establish his foothold in Hollywood. Kennedy's ventures into the film industry, marked by manipulative financial strategies and unethical practices, underscore the mob's early influence in shaping Hollywood dynamics. Mob Involvement Deepens: As the conversation progresses, the focus shifts to the notorious Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel and his role in extending mob influence within Hollywood. Siegel's ventures, including the infamous Flamingo Hotel project in Las Vegas and his control over union activities, illustrate the mob's growing power and its entanglement with Hollywood's operational fabric. Mickey Cohen's Reign: Mickey Cohen emerges as a successor to Siegel, further entrenching mob presence in Hollywood. Cohen's activities, ranging from extortion to influencing the careers of prominent actors through scandal and intimidation, highlight the continuing saga of mob influence in the film industry. Hollywood Under Mob's Grip: The episode paints a vivid picture of Hollywood under the mob's grip, detailing the intricate relationships between gangsters, film stars, and studio executives. These interactions often led to a culture of fear, manipulation, and corruption, deeply affecting Hollywood's golden era.

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