East Hampton Village Board Meeting 02-19-2021

Open Agenda

Call to Order 00:00:04

Historical Scavenger Hunt Recap 00:01:06

Renaming Village Streets 00:02:08

Paying Property Taxes Online 00:03:05

Town Pond Dredging 00:03:32

Chief Tracey: Police Reform 00:05:36

Village Flag by Scott Bluedorn 00:10:00

Presentations: Hugh King 00:10:54

Presentations: Bob Hefner 00:14:23

Dominy Museums: Phase II

Presentations: Amber Cunha 00:44:00

License Plate Readers

Public Hearings: 1 + 2 01:27:37

1) Introductory #1-2021, a proposed amendment of Code Chapter 248 (Stormwater Management & Erosion & Sediment Control) to allow the Trustees to amend the required fees by resolution. 2) Introductory #2-2021, a proposed amendment of Code Chapter 267-7.A(32) (Vehicles & Traffic; Parking time limited in designated locations) to amend parking restrictions to accommodate the relocated Village of East Hampton Building Department, now located at 88 Newtown Lane.

Resolutions & Motions 01:31:02