East Hampton Village Board Meeting 03-19-2021

Open Agenda

Call to order 00:00:04

Pledge of Allegiance 00:00:11

Announcements 00:00:53

Presentations: Hugh King 00:02:23

Georgica Beach Lockers 00:09:34

Michael Tracey – Police Reform Act 00:16:38

Village Parking/Herrick Park 00:46:53

Public Hearing 00:53:55

Introductory #3-2021, a proposed amendment to Code Chapter 267; Vehicles & Traffic; to implement paid parking regulations and provide for the necessary equipment to enforce said regulations, and to modify the penalties section for such Chapter. (hearing to be continued on April 16, 2021)

Public Comment 00:57:34

Resolutions and Motions 01:19:58