East Hampton Town Trustees 04-12-2021

Open Agenda

Pledge of Allegiance 00:00:12

Roll Call 00:00:44

Public Comment 00:01:31

Dr. Christopher J. Gobler, endowed Chair of Coastal Ecology and Conservation, Stony Brook University, SOMAS will present the results of his 2020 Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment in East Hampton

Dr. Christopher J. Gobler 00:01:52

Public Comment 00:56:30

New Business 01:11:03

1) South Fork Wind – Draft Fisheries Study Work Plan 2) Little Northwest Creek SEQRA Report 3) Georgica Pond Management Report 4) Village of East Hampton proposed code changes, regarding the consumption of alcohol and smoking in the Village and on the adjacent Trustee Beaches The Trustees to vote to approve or deny these changes. A Village public hearing will take place on Friday, the 16th day of April, 2021 at 11:00 am in the Emergency Services Building.

South Fork Wind-Draft Fisheries Study Work Plan 01:11:13

Little Northwest Creek SEQRA Report 01:29:52

Georgica Pond Management Report 01:33:21

Village of East Hampton proposed code changes 01:37:21

Trustees Staggering of Elections Terms 01:41:14

Mooring Report 01:44:27

Kayak Report 01:53:08

Powering of Soft Clams 02:01:15

Committee Reports 02:15:27

Accabonac/ Hog creek 02:15:29

Lazy Point/Napeague 02:40:41

New Trustee Website is launched 02:46:23

Administrative 02:53:40

Payment of Bills 02:53:45

Authorize 02:54:43

Trustee funds from their Mariculture Line Budget be used to purchase the Shellfish Hatchery a Chiller system to regulate the water temperature in the grow tanks. $2000.00

Financial Reports 02:55:36

Report of the Clerk 02:57:40

Motion to Close 02:57:42