East Hampton Town Trustees 10-15-2021

Open Agenda

Roll Call 00:00:55

Public Comment 00:11:58

Judith Weis 00:12:02

New Business 00:42:40

Dr. Gobler lab initial SAV 00:42:52

Encroachment of beach end of Crassen Blvd 00:56:04

Permission to apply for a Trustee Credit Card 01:02:23

EH Village Fall Festival 01:05:59

Old Business 01:07:45

Review of Estimate from Whitney Landscaping Co 01:07:49

Update on Opening of Georgica Cut 01:09:48

Trustee private visit to the Mabel and Victor D’Am 01:11:25

Largest Clam Contest 01:13:04

Dredging of Little Northwest Creek Bid Opening 01:24:03

Request by baymen 01:25:23

Preliminary discussion with Southampton Trustees 01:33:42

Committee Reports 01:52:30

Accabonac/ Hog Creek 01:52:32

Georgica 02:01:58

Administrative 02:23:55

Report of the Clerk 02:26:53