SOFO's Young Environmentalists Society (YES) Presents! - Jake Kushner

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Discover the inspiring journey of Jake Kushner, an amphibian and reptile specialist at the South Fork Natural History Museum (SOFO), in this exclusive interview by SOFO's Young Environmentalists Society (YES). Born and raised on the East End, Jake's lifelong connection to nature and wildlife shaped his career path, leading him to a degree in Wildlife Management with a focus on his beloved reptiles and amphibians. In this enlightening conversation, Jake shares insights into his work at SOFO, from educational tours to hands-on fieldwork, and his passion for sharing the wonders of wildlife with others. He delves into the challenges facing our local environments, particularly the vital ecosystems within ponds, and the impact of development, pollution, and climate change. Join us as we explore the importance of ponds for biodiversity, the threats they face, and how we, as individuals and communities, can contribute to conserving these essential natural resources. Jake's story is a testament to the power of education, passion, and action in environmental conservation. What You'll Learn: Jake Kushner's background and his path to becoming an amphibian and reptile specialist. The significance of ponds in local ecosystems and the diverse life they support. The challenges posed by human development and environmental change to pond habitats. Practical steps we can all take to protect and preserve our local natural environments. Whether you're an environmental enthusiast, a student, or someone curious about the natural world around us, this interview is a must-watch. Let's inspire change and make a positive impact on our planet together.

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