Both Sides of the Bars - Advancing LGBTQ+ Rights In the Shadow of Mass Incarceration: A PRIDE Month Special

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Spotlighting the ongoing struggle to keep members of the LGBTQ+ community safe, advocates from across the country unite to challenge narratives and craft impactful solutions. Amidst rising anti-trans and anti-queer rhetoric, transformative organizations and groups like the Transgender Law Center (TLC) in Oakland, California and the LGBTQ+ Law and Policy Unit at the Legal Aid Society in New York City advocate for holistic solutions like access to healthcare, financial assistance, other community-based supports, and correctional housing based on gender identity. Today's two guests are Mickaela Bradford, co-director of policy and programs at the TLC, and Maritza Henriquez, training and outreach coordinator with the LGBTQ+ Law and Policy Unit at the Legal Aid Society.

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